Weaponry Reimagined



About the project:

We were approached by  the director of  museum. He had a dillema, he had a collection of authentic and precious weaponry from the XVIII century. However he knew, that his visitors  especially the younger ones, would not be able to fully enjoy the rich heritage that he would present them. So the museum director decided that he wanted a fresh and innovative way, to present and educate his visitors .

The problem we were given :

To make an educational yet fun way to learn about  XVIII century weaponry , that was used in the times of Radvilla rule.

Our solution  : First we gathered all the information we could about each weapon used, about it’s rich history and context, then we created a plan of what and in what order  the visitors should be shown these weapons. Also we created a game :  The player would virtually shoot enemy combatants with a selected  historically accurate gun, there is also a point system.

The result : The museum visitors said they can relate to the weapons better and understand the context in which they are used, also : There was a particular situation, that showed, just how education,when done right could deliver an impact to the younger audience.

We organised a competition for the youth’s of Biržai municipality and it enjoyed a lot of coverage and participation and one particular incident still warms our hearts. A young boy would leave classes in order to play these games in the museum, showing just how effective educational content could be.